1-Ply 14×14 Large Size Set of 10 Assorted Blues&Greens- Unbleached Cotton Paperless Towels or Napkins Free Ship in the US-reduced cost worldwide.


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Choose your size pack of this eco-friendly alternative to paper towels, napkins, and throw away baby wipes. This is a great way to help eliminate trash, and an easy way to help the environment.

Extra thick, extra absorbent for wiping up big spills, drying dishes, napkins and cleaning. Soft, Lint free, fast drying, and easy care. This fabric is sourced from a Fair Trade Factory.

These bigger unbleached paperless towels will be your go to tools for those bigger messes life throws at you. The unpaper towels are super absorbent 100% cotton and are serged around the edges for a clean finish. You can expect these work-horses to last for a very long time. Use them to mop up any spill, dry your hands, or for any typical use of paper towels. This is a set of beautiful blues and greens in various shades

The Paperless Towels are made from high quality, super absorbent 100% Cotton Natural Birdseye fabric, and are serged around the edges with long lasting polyester thread for a clean finish. Cut and Finished to a handy 14 inch x 14 inch size. These are not pre washed, so expect a bit of shrinkage….about 1 – 1 1/4 inch in either direction.

Care: Wash in warm water, and air dry or dry in a warm dryer. It is also recommended to avoid using fabric softener, since that reduces the natural absorbency of the towels. An occasional ¼ cup of white vinegar added to the rinse cycle will reduce soap or detergent build up and make your wipes soft and absorbent again. Borax or an Oxy-type detergent or cleaner is suggested.

As with all of our products, try them and love them, or send them back for a 100% refund.